Route 60 – Sidewalk & Lighting Improvements

Project Summary

The project is located in Shockoe Bottom Historic District, an area with properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The plans and services for this safety project were developed and completed on an accelerated schedule to have approved construction documents available for advertising within ninety days from receiving a notice to proceed. This urban project involved preparing design plans for improving intersection safety by implementing traffic signal upgrades, pedestrian crossing enhancements and pedestrian street lighting at five (5) intersections along East Main Street (US Route 60), East Cary Street, and Dock Street.  The work included upgrading signal head displays, updating regulatory and street name signs, overcoating mast arm poles and mast arms, removing and resetting brick sidewalk and granite curbing, constructing raised granite and brick curb extensions with landscaping, removing train rail, installing pedestrian curb ramps and specialty pedestrian-level street lighting, and replacing asphalt and pavement markings.  The proposed design was presented, reviewed, and approved by the City’s Urban Design Committee and the City Planning Commission.

Project Highlights

  • National Register of Historic Places Historic District 
  • L.E.D. pedestrian signals with countdown display 
  • Brick sidewalk curb extensions 
  • Landscaped curb extensions 
  • Granite curb 
  • ADA compliant curb ramps and warning surfaces 
  • Enhanced crosswalk visibility 
  • Specialty pedestrian-level street lighting 
  • Local business support and public involvement