River Terrace Support Structures (RTSS) Repairs

Project Summary

The Timmons Group structural team is managing the repairs for two bridge structures located at the Pentagon. The main bridge, which supports the parade grounds, previously spanned Route 1, before Route 1 was realigned further away from the pentagon for security reasons. The three-span concrete structure with arched beams currently spans the Pentagon Police staging area and other support services. It has an overall length of 280 feet and a width of 200 feet. The second bridge is Corridor 9 over the same area. The vehicular bridge services the secured areas of the Pentagon and is 280 feet long with a width of 35 feet. As a newer structure, the repairs on this bridge are limited to surface concrete repairs. Working with security clearances, our team of structural engineers assessed the repair needs for the structures and proposed repair details.

We worked with the government and the contractor to streamline the repair process. The construction of the repairs is complicated by the need to maintain use of section of the area below the bridges at all times. To meet this requirement, the construction sequence was broken into three distinct sections, which aligned with the three spans of the structures. Close watch on the repair quantities is needed to ensure that the project goals can be met for the entire project.

Timmons Group is currently providing construction inspection services of the concrete repair work on the beams, deck, and parapets.