Quantitative Data Analysis and Visualizations

Project Summary

Timmons Group partnered with Avenu Analytics to develop Clearview Valuation Analytics (CVA) to provide local government tax assessors and staff to run sales ratio analyses and comparative sales analyses against their sales listings and properties stored within their computer aid mass appraisal (CAMA) databases. The CVA product provided a web-based interface to users to select input parameters and use machine learning (ML) servers to analyze data from CAMA to produce results that could be output to multiple dynamic visualizations and on interactive maps to show geospatial context. Results could be exported as a flat file, a report, or saved for future analysis.

The comparative sales tool helps tax assessors identify similar properties and sales. This tool uses machine learning (ML) technology that is the basis for clustering algorithms. The results from the comparative sales analysis are displayed within the web application as cards and on an interactive web map showing information on the subject and comparable properties.