Prince William County Mobile Inspections

Project Summary

Timmons Group developed and released an office and field-based mapping, inspection and data collection web-based mobile application for Prince William County, Virginia. The solution is tablet-enabled and allows Prince William field staff to realize significant return on investment (ROI) by using their iPad2 tablets to streamline their daily inspection workflows.   Approximately one thousand storm water management ponds needing recurring inspection are available via a GPS-enabled map interface. The application is intuitive, user-friendly and allows the field user to complete an inspection, set a recurring site visit date, and generate a reminder for the site visit on their personalized dashboard within a week of its re-inspection date.

The application bridges the gap between the office and the field by allowing citizen requests to be assigned to specific field users in real-time. It also allows users to work in an occasionally-connected or disconnected scenario where an internet connection is not available or limited. Inspection, site visit data, and associated geospatial field data (GPS’d or digitized in the field) can be saved on the tablet if an internet connection is not available. That data can be edited, deleted, or uploaded when a connection is available. The application also has an “in-office” component that allows Prince William County Department of Gypsy Moth and Mosquito Control management to produce “executive reports”, graphs, charts, and real-time field summary data.

Recieved Government Technology and COVITS awards.