Owens and Minor Headquarters

Project Summary

Timmons Group designed the 27- acre Owens & Minor Headquarters site as an upscale office campus with amenities such as lush landscaping, a jogging trail system, and a rear courtyard which overlooks a feature stormwater pond and fountain. Owens and Minor, Inc., a medical and surgical-supply firm, built its corporate headquarters in the Atlee Station Business Park located on Chamberlayne Road at I-295. The project involved construction of a 160,000 square foot class A office building.  The Owens and Minor headquarters allows the company to locate all of its corporate offices in one building.

The design incorporates a grand central axis to highlight the building’s architectural entrance features and to promote clear and comfortable circulation around the site. As visitors and employees move into the site from the street, a gentle curve at the end of the axis draws them into the heart of the campus. Throughout the campus, a combination of stately shade trees, colorful ornamental specimens, and lush understory plantings create a vibrant and dynamic landscape that complements the scale and architectural detail of the building itself.