Old Hundred Road / Brandermill Parkway / Kelly Green Drive Roundabout

Project Summary

This project was introduced to solve traffic congestion issues associated with a newly constructed high school opposite a major entrance to one of Chesterfield’s largest planned communities. Despite the heavy peak hour traffic flows noted at the intersection, the intersection does not satisfy the necessary volume warrants required for a traffic signal. Due to the traffic volumes at this location, the proposed roundabout has been reviewed (and approved) by the VDOT Roundabout Committee. This single-lane roundabout will be constructed while under traffic and without detours. This roundabout was designed to accommodate widening at a future date, if warranted by traffic volume increases.

The close proximity of the roundabout to two schools and an established neighborhood emphasized the importance of alleviating traffic congestion and improving vehicular safety. Increased security for the pedestrian was a goal in the redesign of the intersection with emphasis on both physical and visual accessibility. The focal point of the roundabout is a lush planting that reflects the Brandermill community’s strong focus on the natural landscape. Design elements were selected to blend with the surrounding natural systems.