Northside Adaptive Traffic Control System

Project Summary

Imagine pulling up to a red traffic signal that quickly turns green shortly after you arrive. Timmons Group helped the City of Richmond design and deploy this type of signal system. It's called Adaptive Signal Control System and it was implemented along four of the city’s major arterials. Adaptive System Control Systems have been demonstrated to reduce congestion, travel times, stops, delays, queue lengths, and environmental emissions.

Project Highlights:

  • Implemented twenty-four intersections along four major arterials
  • Conducted tests for establishing wireless Ethernet networks with TCP/IP connectivity between intersections
  • Prepared detailed report of findings and developed final design of system components
  • Utilized legacy equipment - communication network, existing controller cabinets, junction boxes, conduits and signal poles
  • Installed new video vehicle detection equipment at each intersection
  • Installed new fiber-optic communications for remote access to each intersection - supplements existing communications infrastructure
  • Performed a CMAQ Evaluation Study before and after