Mobilize MDC! RoadMap

Project Summary

Timmons Group assisted the State of Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) to develop a strategy for mobile application development and mobile device management within MDC’s departments.  This project included better definitions for how MDC should create efficiencies through workforce mobilization.   It provided "bookends" for both MDC staff and external contractors about acceptable tools and technologies to meet mobile application needs as they emerge. 

Timmons Group started this project by holding work sessions with eleven (11) divisions/groups at MDC to gather mobile requirements that would address internal (for MDC staff) and external (for MDC constituents) user needs. Although the specific mission of each of these groups is different, it is clear that there are some high-level themes common to many. 

A total of 156 unique requirements were communicated by MDC staff. These requirements were mapped to 21 high-level priorities. The recommended solutions for these priorities include key enhancements to existing IT management procedures, 11 new mobile app solution recommendations and enhancements to 3 existing MDC mobile apps. The highest priorities are: an Atlas mobile app, the ability to document MDC staff work, mobile access to information, process improvements, mobile data collection, improved communication, promotion of MDC activities, and an ability to better collect public feedback/input. The mobile solutions proposed will satisfy MDC’s primary audiences: Upland and Waterfowl Hunters, Fishermen, Naturalists, Recreation Enthusiasts, Nature Educators, Private Landowners, other MDC Partners (Private, Federal, State, Local), and MDC staff.

MDC’s end goals for this project were:

• Help create more uniformity in mobile application development projects through guiding documentation
• Guide, rather than dictate, development approaches and strategies
• Cover multiple facets of mobile solution development

Project Deliverables:

• Project Management
• Phase 1 - Preparation for Mobile Requirements Workshops
• Phase 2 - Inventory of Relevant Mobile Applications and Data Accuracy Requirements
• Phase 3 - Develop Mobile Computing Strategies Document
• Phase 4 - Project Closeout I Presentation