MO Inspect

Project Summary

Timmons Group has a long standing relationship with the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and due to this history, MDC reached out to Timmons Group to design and develop an application that would provide the agency with the ability to manage and inspect animal breeders, commercial permit holders and track the movement of permitted animals.

MDC’s responsibility is to oversee the well-being of both confined and wild animals, MO Inspect will increase accountability, provide accurate information to Resource Protection Agents, and track animals in a way that reduces Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) incidents. 

The project began with a Discovery phase for documenting requirements and developing an implementation plan for animal health incident tracking, reporting and GIS integration. Timmons Group designed a solution for providing protection agents with the ability to locate active permit holders, integrate inspection forms, mark violations and the need for follow-up investigations, and capture photos and other required documentation. It also included discovery tasks for animal health reports needed by fisheries and wildlife, and the mobile complements for inspections. The project included the following objectives:

  • Increase accountability for the owners of confined wildlife permits
  • Prevent the spread of disease in both wild and confined cervid populations
  • Provide accurate and current info to Protection Agents during field inspections and at the office
  • Decrease processing time for Administrative Services as they handle permit applications and payment