Magnolia Green Elevated Tank

Project Summary

Timmons Group provided design, bid and construction administration for a 2,000,000 gallon elevated composite storage tank for the Magnolia Green Development. The project featured the construction of the 165’ tall tank and 1,500’ of 30” waterline. The tank was designed utilizing AutoDesk Revit software which was used to design the tank in 3D and allow very accurate plans, sections and elevations to be prepared. The 3D model also allowed the creation of renderings for client review meetings.

The project was designed to Chesterfield County’s strict design standards and included a SCADA system with radio communication, lightning protection, cathodic protection system, active tank mixing system, provisions for future cell phone antennas, 24” double acting altitude valve and bridge crane for altitude valve maintenance. Design challenges included remediation of the onsite soils which required the use of 168’ geopiers which were 30” in diameter and 15’ deep. This innovative approach allowed a shallow foundation system to be used with the tank and prevented the need for a deep pile foundation.