Hicks Road Realignment

Project Summary

This spot safety and operational improvement project was funded through the Revenue Sharing Program. The primary objective for this project was to revise the horizontal and vertical geometry of the deficient curves and to widen the existing shoulders in an area that is primarily residential. Timmons Group analyzed the accident reports over the three-year time period to evaluate what types of accidents were occurring, and then developed three design alternatives. This project realigned a portion of Hicks Road to improve the curve and make it consistent with the 35-mph corridor. The design alternatives were discussed with the County and VDOT and the preferred alignment was progressed to the final design stage.

The preferred design alternative focused on balancing right of way impacts, budget and public perception. Timmons Group worked with VDOT to utilize the Common Sense approach when establishing design criteria such as lane widths, shoulder widths, and drainage features. Part of the Common Sense approach was to identify options for handling the drainage, given the narrow right of way corridor. In lieu of having multiple basins in the front yards of several residential properties, Timmons Group worked extensively to custom design level spreaders that had a much smaller footprint. The properties owners stayed involved through the process and were happy to know impacts were being minimized to the greatest extent [possible. In addition to the extensive public involvement, this project also had complex MOT/SOC Plans. Timmons Group worked very hard to establish horizontal and vertical alignments that could be reconstruction with limited flagging and no detours. 

In addition to the roadway improvements, the County Department of Public Utilities elected to use the design contract as a vehicle to provide approximately 1200 LF of water line betterment. The betterment connects two closed loop systems to improve fire flow and safety in the area.