Hanging Rock State Park

Project Summary

Our Landscape Architecture team was contracted by the State of North Carolina to develop a master plan for two properties that have been added to Hanging Rock State Park. These properties, known as Vade Mecum and Moores Springs, total approximately 750 acres. The goal of the master plan was to define an appropriate level of future development on the newly acquired property in order to accommodate demonstrated needs in response to stakeholder input while upholding the mission of the NC Parks and Recreation Division.
It was important that the proposed development compliment the recreational opportunities currently offered at Hanging Rock State Park and address deficiencies in order to better accommodate visitors and lengthen their stay in Stokes County.
The Moores Springs and Vade Mecum properties have a varied and rich history. The properties are an integral part of the character, history and story in Stokes County. Beginning with the popularity of mineral springs at the turn of the century, the properties were home to several resort hotels drawing visitors from across the region well into the 1930s. After it’s life as a popular resort, the property was home to Camp Sertoma and the Moores Springs campground, providing campers recreational experiences and fond memories for more than 40 years.
Our team worked closely with the community, park staff, and stakeholder groups throughout the design process in a variety of ways. Multiple community open house meetings were held where the public was encouraged to participate. In addition, a website was created and marketed to the local community as well as general park visitors from around the state. The same opportunities for input that were provided at the open house forums were also offered online. The project website attracted more than 5,000 visitors and 600 survey responses over the course of the project.