Fort Eustis Dredge Spoil Hydrographic Survey

Project Summary

In November, 2010, Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Inc. (CCE) Centennial Contractors Enterprises, Inc. (CCE) contracted with our Survey Group to provide a topographic survey that would be used to calculate the remaining holding capacity in a large, bermed dredge spoil area on Fort Eustis. The spoil area encompasses more than 70 acres and is nearly 1600 feet wide.

Upon site inspection it was discovered that the bottom of a majority of the spoil area was covered with up to 10 feet of water in places as well as with dense, 15-foot high stands of the invasive common reed, Phragmites australis.

Since it was impossible to walk across the spoil area and survey, Timmons Group’s surveyors decided to use pole-mounted RTK GPS units and employ an airboat to traverse the area. This innovative survey method led to a successfully completed hydrographic survey in less than two weeks.