Forest Stewardship Performance Metrics Dashboard (PRISM)

Project Summary

Timmons Group developed a tool that leverages SMART data as an analytical and reporting tool called USFS Prism.  Prism will be a public-facing web application that leverages cutting-edge technologies to ensure that the app will be responsive to mobile and web.  Timmons Group developed the United States Forest Service (USDA-FS) Stewardship Monitoring and Reporting Tool (SMART) in partnership with USDA-FS State and Private Forestry / Co-op Forestry.  SMART was developed as an enterprise solution for the management planning and reporting of forest stewardship plans and activities.  

Prism allows USFS executives, staff, and stakeholders to monitor the impact of stewardship activities against other layers of interest including Forest Action Plan Priority Lands and Priority Watersheds.  The Prism application will allow for the display of stewardship and landscape activities and their alignment to Forest Action Plan goals.  Data can be reported at various scales and roll-up areas including by State, Region, Watershed and Congressional District.  

Main features of Prism:
• Users can spatially explore the impacts
• Users can drill down data from region all the way down to watersheds in the area
• Color coded maps/ charts for easy understandability
• Generate and print reports
• Download data to excel spreadsheet for easy analysis