Enterprise Geospatial Architecture Development

Project Summary

Timmons Group was recently selected by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) to design a Common Geospatial Information System (GIS) Framework, through a Strategic RoadMap.  The intent was to develop a highly scalable GIS enterprise architecture framework that would satisfy the Coast Guard’s functional and geospatial needs in support of a common operational GIS framework.  The framework was intended to leverage the Microsoft Silverlight Applications Programming Interface (API) within the Esri ArcGIS platform environment.

The project involved extensive strategic planning services and analysis for the GIS framework.  Tasks involved determining current and future business driven spatial information requirements, research and identification of best practices, and developing recommendations for spatial information focused on processes, policies, procedures, access, security, maintenance and archiving.  The tasks ultimately documented gaps and leveraged best practices in developing a RoadMap for future framework capabilities.

Following the Strategic RoadMap, Timmons Group will develop an Implementation Guide which will document all aspects of the architecture including data formats, network design considerations, framework and application performance factors, development methodology and testing strategies.  This guide will provide tactical plans for the enterprise GIS program that will accompany the higher level strategic plan.