Enterprise Asset Management System Master Planning (City of Richmond, VA)

Project Summary

Timmons Group has been providing EAM solutions for the City’s Department of Public Works since 2005.  We are now providing additional services to the Department of Public Utilities (DPU).

The City’s DPU contracted with Timmons Group to develop a Spatial Information Systems Master Plan capable of supporting the multiyear implementation of a GIS-based Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System.  The resulting EAM will support the life-cycle asset management activities of DPU’s water, sewer, natural gas and street light infrastructure.  The master plan will define the geospatial and infrastructure management needs of the City’s four different utility operations while providing a five-year implementation plan focused on early returns on investment. 

Timmons Group will complete the Master Plan for the City in six months - a consulting effort of this detail and magnitude typically takes a year or longer to complete. 

Phase I of the master plan includes a review of industry-wide best practices that will serve as a benchmark upon which DPU’s core application requirements, implementation strategies and critical success factors will be measured. Business drivers, workflows, and data/application requirements are being determined through a series of interviews with over 30 individual staff members representing DPU’s various utilities, divisions and groups. 

Phase II of the master plan focused on identifying the core geospatial applications to be implemented over the initial five year period.  A scalable system architecture and design will be developed to support the deployment of the core applications.  Additionally, a detailed financial analysis will be performed and will investigate initial implementation costs, ongoing system maintenance costs, anticipated efficiency improvements and cost savings and a determination of the anticipated pay-back period.  Phase II deliverables will also present a management plan that recommends an organizational structure as well as staffing and training requirements. 

During Phase III the Timmons Group implemented Cityworks for DPW and Storwater on Desktop. This included integration with the City’s CIS.

In 2012 the Timmons Group upgraded the City of Richmond’s from Cityworks Desktop to Cityworks Server AMS for Stormwater and implemented Wastewater for DPU. This included training of DPW and DPU staff on the new system.