Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC)

Project Summary

The ongoing development of Chesterfield County’s Public Safety Training Complex has been underway since a conditional use plan was approved in 1991.  Timmons Group has worked continuously and closely with the County’s public safety and construction management staff to develop a state-of-the-art training facility for fire, police and emergency services.  The complex currently includes a fully-baffled outdoor firing range, a burn training facility and the recently-completed Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC).

The EVOC is designed to provide the County’s public safety employees and emergency responders the ability to practice driving under a variety of realistic, yet controlled and safe, operating conditions.  The course includes 1.5-mile pursuit track along with a 23-acre urban/tactical course and skid pan.  Using spread-spectrum radio communications, a custom programmable logic control (PLC) panel was designed to allow training instructors to manually control the traffic signals on the course from the observation tower or from remote locations around the facility.  The controller cabinet is also equipped with a lanyard cable for training police officers how to manually operate traffic signals in the field.