Elletts Crossing Realignment

Project Summary

Timmons Group provided professional engineering services for the realignment of Elletts Crossing Road to improve operational and safety concerns of Hanover County and Town of Ashland. The purpose of this locally administered revenue-sharing project was to realign the 2-lane Elletts Crossing Road so that it intersected Route 1 at a more favorable location and perpendicular angle that will promote the long-term economic development growth in the area and improve the overall operational safety at this intersection. This was accomplished by relocating the existing severely skewed intersection approximately 1,000 feet north along Route 1 in order to improve sight distance for a new stop controlled full access intersection with minimal impact to adjacent property owners.

A traffic analysis was conducted during AM/PM peak hour utilizing directional turning movement counts at the existing Elletts Crossing Road with Route 1 intersection. The traffic analysis concluded that a northbound right turn lane should be added at the new intersection location, which was incorporated into the project. The design for realigned Elletts Crossing Road utilized VDOT GS-7 geometric design standards with an exception for reduced shoulder widths due to the dramatic departure from existing conditions on Elletts Crossing Road and impacts full width shoulders would have on adjacent property owners. To accommodate this exception, Timmons Group prepared a design waiver approved by VDOT. Turn lane improvements on Route 1 complied with all applicable VDOT standards. The design also featured in-plan sanitary force main relocation and a new gravity sewer crossing to support future growth in the area. Timmons Group also provide extensive utility coordination to facilitate relocation of private overhead utilities.

Timmons Group also provided bid document and construction administration support while Hanover County acquired right-of-way to construct the project.