Dry Run Dam #22B

Project Summary

Dry Run Flood Control Dam #22B, located in Rockingham County, is an existing earthen dam approximately 79 feet high and currently regulated by the Virginia Division of Dam Safety as a Class II hazard structure.  Timmons Group was contracted to perform a field inspection of the dam, dam failure analysis, downstream inundation area analysis and mapping, spillway evaluation, recommendations for improvement/renovation design and coordination with the DCR Dam Safety Division and other State and Local regulatory agencies.

Project Highlights

  • Preformed field topographic surveying to obtain channel cross-sections for approximately 23,000 feet downstream of the dam.
  • Performed water shed hydrologic analysis for an approximate 60 square mile drainage area.
  • Performed hydraulic analysis for the existing dam for the 100-year and multiple increments of the PMF storm events.
  • Prepared a summary report to include an evaluation of the dam, hazard classification and recommendations for repairs/renovations to the dam to meet DCR Dam Safety Regulation.