Douglass Elementary School Addition Geotechnical

Project Summary

Timmons Group was retained by Rockingham County Public Schools to complete a geotechnical engineering study and environmental due diligence in association with the proposed construction of an elementary school building in Eden, North Carolina.  The proposed site consisted of five (5) parcels that comprised approximately eight (8) acres located behind the existing Douglass Elementary School.

The primary objectives of the geotechnical study were to characterize the subsurface soil conditions of the site and provide recommendations regarding earthwork operations, pavement design and construction, and additional geotechnical aspects of the proposed roadways, parking areas, grass playground, and the stormwater management pond.

Project Highlights

As a result of the geotechnical investigation, Timmons Group made recommendations related to:

  • site preparation and grading,
  • stormwater management basin (BMP) construction,
  • pavements, and
  • seismic parameters

Timmons Group also completed environmental due diligence and all appropriate inquiry in the preparation of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment in accordance with ASTM E 1527-05.  The results of the Phase I ESA identified recognized environmental conditions observed on the subject property and adjoining properties and prescribed mitigation procedures.