DASH Bus Operations and Maintenance Facilities

Project Summary

The City of Alexandria contracted with Hensel Phelps Construction Company and Michael Baker, Jr., Inc. to construct a new maintenance facility for Alexandria’s Transit System (DASH) bus fleet. The $35 million design-build project is a combination of Federal, state and local funds.

Elements of the plans include:

  • 90,700 square foot building with covered and heated bus storage for at least 96 buses initially, expandable to 130 buses
  • Adjoining maintenance garage with 10 bus bays Two bus fueling and washing lanes
  • 98,900 square foot rooftop parking deck
  • Environmentally conservative features like natural lighting in the shops and offices, bus wash water reclamation and ecologically sensitive in-ground bus lifts
  • Creative stormwater management features such as flow-through bioretention boxes to treat rooftop impervious areas.
  • Driver facilities that includes locker rooms, quiet rooms and an exercise facility
  • Maintenance and parking spaces to accommodate a standard 40-foot bus with a bicycle rack mounted on the front