Customized Quality Assurance and Control

Project Summary

Fairfax County, Virginia, contracted with Timmons Group to develop customized quality assurance and control procedures to prepare reliable data  for the  Northern Virginia Regional Routable Centerline Project.  The project involves five jurisdictions in Northern Virginia that are creating a regional, routable centerline database to use in each of the jurisdictions’ Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP).  Elements of the Quality Assurance and Control process included: verifying geometry against source data, verifying feature counts against source data, verifying projection, verifying unique identifiers, verifying point locations are coincident with segments, verifying XY point location coordinates, verifying centerlines are not segmented at elevated crossings, verifying directionality of centerline segments,  verifying dual centerline geometry, verifying field formats, verifying elevation levels, verifying all address ranges, names, and aliases transferred from source data, verifying relationship cardinality and keys, and verifying that related features and  objects are associated to the correct segments.

Project Deliverables:

  • Customized QA/QC Tools
  • Customized QA/QC Process Documentation
  • Analyzed QA/QC Results and Recommendations
  • On-site Training for Tools and Procedures