Courtland Regional Water Reclamation Facility

Project Summary

Timmons Group was a principal in this Design/Build project procured through the PPEA Guidelines for a new 1.25 MGD BNR wastewater treatment plant, which is expandable to 3.75 MGD treatment capacity. The plant design includes the following processes: step screen, grit collection and removal, 5-stage Bardenpho oxidation ditch, secondary clarification, RAS/WAS pumping station, rotating disc filtration, horizontal UV disinfection, post aeration polishing, aerobic digestion, and centrifuge sludge dewatering. The design process included equipment pre-selection, all engineering coinciding with construction activities, as well as all regulatory coordination and approval. The project design and construction takes into consideration the phasing of other PPEA associated projects including a new 1.8 MGD wet/dry pit pump station, as well as 11,000 L.F 24” gravity sewer, 9,000 L.F. 16” force main, which were all operational prior to completion of the new WWTP. We are proud to announce that our successful work here has earned the Courtland facility the VRWA 2012 System of the Year award.

Check out the video that Treatment Plant Operator magazine created in which Raymond Bryant, Chief Systems Operator for the Courtland plant, talks about the upgrades and improvements we worked on, all while keeping the plant operational throughout the process.