City of Norfolk Department of Public Works Term Contract

Project Summary

Timmons Group was reselected in the fall of 2012 for an annual service contract with the City of Norfolk to provide various civil engineering services with a focus on stormwater management and transportation. Under this contract, we have disseminated regulatory and programmatic information to staff, resolved neighborhood flooding issues, identified and designed water quality best management practices, and quantified the cost of City wide upgrades to stormwater infrastructure necessary to address precipitation flooding. Timmons Group has had the opportunity to take many of these projects from cradle to grave, evaluation through construction administration.

We constantly look for opportunities to achieve multiple objectives with individual projects. Greenway Park Stormwater Retrofit is a perfect example of a water quality retrofit that also provided flood control for a neighborhood along the shoreline that experienced frequent flooding. Adjacent to Greenway Park is Llewellyn Avenue. Impassible during high tides, a multiple objective design was implemented to raise and level the road profile and improve traffic flow by introducing bidirectional traffic and providing pedestrian improvements.  Additional task orders included:

  • Granby Street Drainage Improvements
  • Llewellyn Avenue Roadway and Drainage Improvements
  • Greenway Park Water Quality Feasibility Analysis and Stormwater Design
  • Ohio Creek Watershed - Inventory, Evaluation, Master Plan and Implementation
  • City-Wide Drainage Master Plan
  • Azalea Garden and Norcova Avenue Drainage Master Plan
  • Palmetto Street Drainage Improvements
  • Peterson Street Drainage Improvements
  • Hampton Boulevard Stormwater Pump Station Analysis