City of Morro Bay, CA, Cityworks AMS and PLL Implementation

Project Summary

The City of Morro Bay, CA contracted with Timmons Group for implementation of an Enterprise Asset Management System (EAMS) and Permitting solution. Through extensive evaluation, the City chose Azteca Cityworks Server AMS (Asset Management System) and Azteca Cityworks Server PLL (Permits, Licensing, and Land) as their asset management and permitting platforms. 

Timmons Group deployed a phased approach to project planning, implementation and system deployment that enabled both flexibility and responsiveness throughout the duration of this project. Phase I focused on the implementation of Cityworks Server AMS to support management of Morro Bay’s infrastructure assets, including water distribution, stormwater, water production, streets, water treatment, traffic, wastewater collection, street trees, wastewater treatment, and parks. Also included was the migration of historic data from CUPSS, SIMMS, and WWTP Access Database.

Phase II ran concurrently and in coordination with Phase I and involved the implementation of Cityworks Server PLL to support the Development Services Department’s management of business licensing, planning/zoning, building permits, inspections, encroachment permits, and code enforcements.

Concurrent with its Cityworks implementation, Timmons Group also implemented CitySourced, a mobile app that allows citizens to communicate service requests directly to the City.  Our team provided the expertise to support the mapping of workflows, integration across APIs and assets, and decision making based on the full knowledge of Cityworks and CitySourced.