Chesterfield Avenue

Project Summary

Timmons Group developed a streetscape enhancement plan for 4,800 linear feet of Chesterfield Avenue from the Triple Nickel Bridge to the Appomattox River in the Village of Ettrick. Chesterfield Avenue is the connection between the City of Petersburg, the Village of Ettrick, and Chesterfield County. Over the years this area has declined and lost its sense of place due to the expansive roadway and lack of amenities, visual structure and rhythm. The enhancement plan will revitalize the Village of Ettrick and will begin to create a safe neighborhood that takes pride in its heritage.

There are five distinct districts: the western gateway, civic, residential, commercial, and the eastern/river gateway. The goal of the project is to enhance this core area of Ettrick and unifying the various districts. Welcome signs and diverse plantings greet visitors and residents at the gateways. Banners, unified street signs, and new lighting provide a common theme throughout the village along Chesterfield Avenue. Street trees create visual structure and provide shade for walkways. Crosswalks have been added at all intersections to increase safety and create a more pedestrian friendly environment.