Charlottesville Chesapeake Bay TMDL

Project Summary

Timmons Group worked with the City of Charlottesville staff to review their existing stormwater programs and determine how these will be impacted by the implementation of the proposed Chesapeake Bay TMDL. The following tasks were included in the scope of services.

  • Review existing information on on-going stormwater programs in the City of Charlottesville such as the City’s MS4 Registration Statement, past MS4 permit Annual Reports, records of BMP inspections and other documents provided by the City.
  • Identify the elements of the proposed Chesapeake Bay TMDL that will have an impact on cost.
  • Perform an analysis that predicts the increased costs of development and redevelopment resulting from the Chesapeake Bay TMDL. We evaluated two sites that are likely candidates for development or redevelopment to determine the changes in stormwater costs resulting from the TMDL.
  • Determine the likelihood of the need for stormwater retrofits to meet the anticipated Waste Load Allocation resulting from the TMDL, and predict (approximately) the cost of the retrofits needed.
  • Document our scope and findings in a brief written report.
  • Present findings to City staff.