Local Government

Local Government entities across the US and international use Esri GIS everyday. Its powerful capabilities are easily tailored to benefit a wide variety of local government departments, such as:

  • Public Works
  • Utilities
  • Stormwater
  • Elections
  • Emergency Management and Response
  • Law Enforcement
  • Assessors’ Offices

Implementing Esri GIS means: High return on investment (ROI), Time saved, Cost efficient,Increased accuracy, Increased productivity, Increased revenue, and Improved decision making. In recognition of these benefits, Timmons Group has developed both products and services geared specifically toward local governments, including desktop plug-ins to ArcGIS, mobile solutions for ArcGIS mobile and rich internet applications for ArcGIS Server.

Timmons Group has over 100 geospatial personnel, many of which have certifications equipped to benefit our Local Government clients. Our personnel certifications include GIS Professionals (GISP), Project Management Professionals (PMP), and various ArcGIS Desktop and Server certifications. As a firm, we are an Silver Esri Business Partner and have our ArcGIS Online Specialty.

For more information about our Local Government Services, please contact Randy Trott, LS via phone at 804.200.6973 or by email.