CalMapper Enterprise Web-Based Accomplishments Portal

Project Summary

Timmons Group was selected through a competitive selection process to develop the CalMapper product for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE).  The agency has a large geographic extent to manage and multiple program areas to support.  Specific to CalMapper, Timmons Group was hired to develop an Enterprise web-based portal to help the agency track agency on-the-ground implementations and activities. 

CAL FIRE is responsible for working on both public lands and private lands.  They also have extensive fire planning and response tasks that must be managed.  The web-based CalMapper product tracks planned and completed spatial accomplishments.  These accomplishments are across private land stewardship plans and activities emerging from regional fire plans.  Activities are driven by funding sources and grouped into projects.  For any given project, CAL FIRE can see the funding source and related activities in the ground accomplished for that project and source funding pool. 

The project was conducted using a modified agile project management style.  Our team worked with the CAL FIRE product owner on business requirements and technical point-of-contacts to address technical needs.  The project initiated with on-site stakeholder engagement and consensus building.  From these meetings, user stories were finalized and workflows developed.  These initial products were used to develop wireframes and mock interfaces.  Wireframes were leveraged to “frame” out what the user-interface would look like.  The mock interfaces finalized the design and interface screens.