Air Force Memorial and Navy Annex Surveys

Project Summary

Timmons Group provided survey plats and legal descriptions for property parcels adjacent to the Pentagon Reservation totaling 52 acres including the Air Force Memorial; Federal Office Building #2 Compound; The Navy Exchange Service Station; The Southgate Road Right-of-Way; and the four-acre future Memorial Annex.

The survey tasks included records research in Virginia, Washington DC and Federal levels (DOD); field measurement & staking-out of property boundary limits; location and platting of record easements; physical location and platting of physical improvements and underground utilities existing on the property; flood zone designation; record set-backs and zoning location. The survey was prepared in accordance with the minimum requirements as established by ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys.

Final deliverables included Micro Station DGN electronic files, Microsoft format electronic files for parcels narrative and reports and hard copy format for final survey plats