What’s the latest at Topgolf Richmond?

Leslee Oliver By: Leslee Oliver

In case you haven’t seen the tall poles lining the I-195 corridor, Richmond is now home to one of Topgolf’s newest locations. Construction has been underway since October on this 14-acre site and completion is anticipated in the Fall of this year.

With so many anxious for the opening of this sports entertainment venue, I met Mitch Bowser, Project Manager for Timmons Group and JR Domalewski, Project Manager for ARCO/Murray on site for a quick tour of construction progress and project updates.

Standing on the third floor of the future golf bays looking out towards the targets. When complete, players will score points by hitting balls into these targets.

We began our tour by meeting at the location of Topgolf’s future parking lot at the front of the site. We then began a walkthrough of the building skeleton where crews had just finished the interior and exterior framing, building envelope and roofing. In wall and overhead electrical, mechanical and plumbing were also close to completion.

As we headed towards the third floor, we passed the future sites for the full-service bar and restaurant, meeting rooms, large private event space, and rooftop terrace with outdoor fireplace, truly displaying Topgolf’s initiative and emphasis on building community.

Looking across the third floor at the future spot for climate-controlled golf bays and the private event space.

From the 3rd floor looking out upon the targets from the future climate-controlled bays (which will have over 100 when complete), I was able to chat with Mitch and JR about some of the surprising site challenges they’ve encountered.

Mitch Bowser (left) and JR Domalewski (right) overlooking grading and backfill construction progress.

One challenge included the necessary relocation of an on-site stream that is within the County’s floodplain. Our stormwater team conducted the study to determine the geometry needed to contain the 100-year floodplain on site. The concrete channel designed by our structures team is roughly 12 feet tall and 24 feet wide (!!!), which you can really catch a glimpse of in the photo below.

Crews constructing the 12-foot-tall, 24-foot-wide concrete channel beside the rerouted existing stream.

Another interesting site design challenge was designing a solution to pump stormwater off the site. Due to the site’s existing drainage challenges, stormwater runoff from the parking, building, and outfield must be pumped into the new concrete channel. Our water/wastewater group designed three pump stations capable of pumping a combined total of 18,800 gallons per minute to help keep the site dry.

Our teams also discovered a concrete Dominion duct bank on the existing wooded site, resulting in the need to reroute this utility that provides 40,000 households with power.

That’s a lot of behind the scenes coordination and thoroughness for making this a successful project for so many to enjoy.

Looking up towards the recently completed exterior framing and roofing.

With crews of over 100 working daily, rapid progress is being made and the highly-anticipated venue will be completed before we know it.

So much to look forward to Richmond! Not only are we getting a Topgolf, but it is setting the stage for the revitalization of the Westwood area of Henrico. The County envisions redevelopment of the Westwood corridor as “Scott’s Addition 2.0” with future opportunities for restaurants, residential, entertainment, offices and breweries.