Together We Can Stop Zika!  Two Easy Ways for Managing Mosquitos

Chris Gerecke By: Chris Gerecke

We know you’ve heard about Zika, I mean, who hasn’t?  This disease has gained its recent reputation for its major effects on women and unborn babies.  Zika is spread by the bite of an infected mosquito and there is no vaccine or medicine to treat it or prevent it.  The outbreak has occurred in multiple countries across the globe, and in three US territories.

It’s scary to think about it getting so close to home. Which brings us to ask: what can be done to prevent Zika in your area?

The first step to preventing Zika is to minimize the environments that breed mosquitos, such as standing water, where mosquitos and pests like to hang out and propagate.

At Timmons Group, our Stormwater Inspection and Maintenance team provides inspections and maintenance of above ground and below ground BMPs of all types.  This includes structural practices, such as wet ponds, dry ponds, and underground storage systems to low impact development practices, such as raingardens and water quality inlets.

Using the most advanced technologies, we leverage GIS and efficient data management to inspect and evaluate the risk of current BMPs. We’ve learned that in order to eliminate the problem, we have to combat it at its source.  We’ve narrowed this down to 2 easy steps for you to manage those mosquito and pest breeding environments.

Step 1: Inventory your assets of concern. (Where are your sources that attract mosquitos and pests?)
• Heads Up – Use GIS and high res imagery to locate stormwater retention/detention sources
• Mobile/Field Verification – Have field techs collect information with a mobile device to locate those sources

Step 2: Manage those assets and treat the problem. (How do you treat those breeding grounds to eliminate mosquito and pest populations?)
• Custom applications – Integrated mobile and web applications designed with specific locality needs so inspectors can lose the traditional pen and paper method while in the field
• COTS – Cityworks – A pen and paper free method with minimal customizations but can integrate with a current locality’s GIS

Whichever method works best for you, DON’T WAIT. Take the first step to mitigating this disease.
For more information, watch the webinar below presented by Lowell Ballard and Chris Gerecke from our geospatial division.