Timmons Group to assist Hampton Roads localities with Resilience Plans

Jenni Szabo By: Jenni Szabo

The Timmons Group Hampton Roads Stormwater group, led by Liz Scheessele, will be assisting the Cities of Chesapeake and Suffolk with developing their Resilience Plans. Both localities were awarded grant funding through the Virginia Community Flood Preparedness Fund (CFPF) during its inaugural round. In addition, our team led the grant application effort for the City of Chesapeake.


Governor Ralph Northam announced “$7.8 million in grants to support 19 local projects that address impacts of flooding, sea-level rise, and extreme weather statewide. The grants are the first to be awarded through the Virginia Community Flood Preparedness Fund. The Governor and General Assembly established the fund in 2020 to assist communities in building resilience to the impacts of climate change, including floods, with targeted funding going to vulnerable and underserved communities. The fund is financed by the sale of carbon emission allowances under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Virginia joined the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative in January 2021.

Eligible projects areas include planning and capacity building activities, flood prevention and protection studies, and on-the-ground improvements that strengthen flood resilience. The program prioritizes projects that utilize nature-based solutions.” (source from Governor Northam’s website)

Before a locality can apply for project funding through the program, they must first develop a project-based Resilience Plan that addresses the entire locality and includes a plan for implementation. We are proud to work with Chesapeake and Suffolk on these Plans and to assist in positioning them for future project implementation grant funding.