The Definition of Environmental Consulting

John Russell By: John Russell

My neighbor complimented me once on my green-thumb abilities and qualified his statement by saying “after all, you’re an environmentalist right?” – I saw red.  Here at Timmons Group, we define ourselves as multi-disciplined engineering and technology firm that provides civil-engineering, civil design, landscape architecture, surveying, GIS technology and (my realm) environmental services; now most all of these are self-explanatory, but just what does that seemingly amorphous term environmental services mean? 

Well, we of that ilk are consultants to the many facets of environmental regulatory and permitting issues that have been imposed on those of you in the business world by local, state and federal regulatory agencies.  Our skillset is to represent your interests and expertly guide you through the often murky waters of regulatory compliance to the end result of seeing your project completed. And “yes” I don’t hesitate to use the word expert, because after 5 years here at Timmons Group and with easily a combined 100+ years of experience among the Environmental Services Group with Fortune 500 companies and beyond, I can say assuredly that we are very very good at what we do – just don’t call us “environmentalists”.