Summer of Training – A Thunderous Concert of Awesomeness

Donnie Gladfelter By: Donnie Gladfelter

Consistently and reliably achieving our clients’ vision requires a concert of talents throughout the company. Walking the hallways of Timmons Group, I’m constantly reminded how thunderous that concert truly is among our outstandingly talented teams.

From the quintessential watercooler conversations to the melodic sounds of Zoom and Microsoft Teams echoing abound, visit one of our offices and you’ll undoubtedly hear a concert of awesomeness. This summer, perhaps the most thunderous of those concerts was something we call Summer of Training.

What is Summer of Training?


Summer of Training is an annual training series focused on cultivating and improving the skills of our team. For eleven consecutive weeks this summer, seven of our top experts hosted a variety of targeted training sessions. Each 60–90-minute session focused on topics ranging from simple to advanced, but all essential to the work we do to achieve the vision of our clients.

The sessions hosted as part of our 2021 Summer of Training series included:

  • Leveraging the Timmons Group Standards Like a Pro
  • Exploring Bluebeam 101
  • The Fundamentals of Plan Presentation
  • ArcGIS: 101 Introduction to Map and Exhibit Creation
  • Erosion and Sediment Control Fundamentals
  • "So You Need A Survey" - Surveying Basics
  • VDOT Storm Sewer Design (Capacity): Step by step instruction through VDOT Capacity design calculations
  • VDOT Storm Sewer Design (Hydraulic Grade Line): Step by step instruction through VDOT HGL design calculations
  • Culvert Design Fundamentals
  • Intermediate Civil 3D Alignments and Corridors
  • Advanced Civil 3D Corridors and Assemblies


In all, this year’s Summer of Training welcomed more than 1,000 total attendees (and many more who can access the recordings through our online training portal). Helping to cultivate the talents of our teams all year long, TG Tech Online is the on-demand learning portal exclusively available to members of the Timmons Group team.

Melvin Fleming taught a session on Civil 3D Corridors.


Laurie Coffman taught a session on VDOT Storm Sewer Design.

With new content being added by our experts each month, TG Tech Online provides our teams with access to more than one hundred courses and growing. From design technology and engineering skills to project management, business technology, and beyond, each course represents the symphony of proficiencies necessary to complete practically any project under the rainbow.

Collectively, the thunderous concert of learning and development resonates throughout the halls of Timmons Group and beyond. Not only does it allow us to better serve our clients, but it also offers bountiful opportunities for our team members to grow in their careers too. To upgrade your career with the growth opportunities it deserves, check out our careers page to join the vibrant and diverse Timmons Group team.