PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: Norfolk District Regulatory Branch’s Response to COVID-19

Brian Breissinger By: Brian Breissinger

The USACE Norfolk District has issued a public notice that outlines how they are handling coordination/communication in response to COVID-19. While the Norfolk District Regulatory Branch remains largely operational, all physical offices are now closed and in person meetings/field work will be ‘limited.’ All field work must now be approved by headquarters in advance of all meetings, which means wetland confirmation and or other site visits necessary for advancing permit applications may be delayed. Please also be aware that during this time, the District is prioritizing permit applications over jurisdictional determinations, so in general, unless a Jurisdictional Determination is tied to a permit application, it may be further delayed due to prioritization of workload.

If you have questions or concerns about active project timelines, please notify Brian Breissinger at 804.200.6500 or and we can reach out to the Corps PM directly for project specific information regarding your project and any potential delays.

See full notice here: