National Have Fun at Work Day: The Timmons Group Way

Lillian Minix By: Lillian Minix

Ok, so you’ve been with your company for three months and you’re thinking, “This place is great. I love our benefits, the office atmosphere is awesome, and the people here are fun and hardworking. I love what I do and I’m so excited to learn more about the industry from motivated management and peers.” The company has employee appreciation events, opportunities for career development, fair salaries, potential for upward mobility, healthy work/life balance, and much more. This company sounds incredible… and hard to come by. Wait, what kind of company is this? Is this real life? Why yes, yes, it is.

I’m here to tell you, the company is Timmons Group. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia with field offices all over the country, this civil engineering and technology services firm offers SO much more than a salary. I’ve been with the firm for the three months and I can say this is, in fact, real life.

At Timmons Group, we pride ourselves in bringing well-deserved professional and fun experiences to the best people in the industry. This, my friends, is our definition of company culture. How do we do it? If the hashtag #BecauseYouAreAwesome means anything to you, you already know! If you’re not sure what that is, I’ll explain.

Throughout the year, our HR superstars provide Timmons Group staff across the country with spirited experiences to remind everyone that they are appreciated and are amazing at what they do. We’ve branded these experiences with the hashtag #BecauseYouAreAwesome and they come in all forms like beverage, snack, and candy cart visits; Zoom contests with prizes; Take Your Dog to Work Day; the 12 Days of Gifts; and office-wide trivia among other awesome kudos events. Check out some of this year’s events:

Take Your Dog to Work Day, June 2020

Office-Wide Beverage Cart, November 2020

Zoom Background Contest, April 2020

College Colors Day, September 2020

Office-Wide Snack Cart, January 2021

Chick-fil-A Day (12 Days of Gifts), December 2020

And while we celebrate our awesome employees throughout the year, there is also technically a day dedicated to having fun at work. You see, there is an official National Have Fun at Work Day and it falls on January 28 every year. Our HR superstars couldn’t help themselves, so they planned a special virtual trivia event to celebrate this beloved national holiday.

With the enlisted help of JAM, a Canadian virtual team bonding entertainment company, 75+ Timmons Group employees took to the Zoom playing field on Thursday, January 28 for an hour of brutal virtual trivia.

JAM hosted the game online so each player could follow along on their own computer or mobile device. There were 4 to 7 players per team and 12 teams. The trivia goers answered three rounds of questions individually that added up to a team score. Players were given ten seconds to answer each question in the categories of history, geography, and science.

The hosts were Caz and Noel, two spunky JAM employees that took no heed of joke-shaming the players as we answered American history questions. “Ok who got that wrong,” Caz said as a Timmons Group player answered a question incorrectly about the thirteen colonies. “Even I knew that, and I’m Canadian,” Noel said. Occasionally, Caz and Noel would pull up the leaderboards so the group could see the individual and team rankings.

Safe to say, the Faj Kats and L:/203 were among the top teams throughout the game. Also at the top of the indie rankings were a few notable employees who will now surely be bugged relentlessly for the sole purpose of entertaining others around the office with their knowledge of random facts. But hey, we all knew that would be a side effect of office-wide trivia with a bunch of engineers and tech gurus.

Virtual Trivia, January 2021

Thank you again to our HR superstars for hosting this super fun night of virtual trivia. Although they are sure to remind us that we deserve kudos throughout the year because we are awesome, it was fun to bring the team together for some healthy trivia competition on National Have Fun at Work Day.

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