Meet the Team! – Raleigh Traffic Edition

Casey Ho By: Casey Ho


At one point, everyone has wondered how a green, yellow, and red-colored box controls the flow of traffic. At one point, I even thought someone was always watching each traffic light with a camera! However, this is where traffic engineers become involved in designing and planning the traffic flow. A traffic engineer conducts capacity analyses to help ensure that traffic flows on a roadway in an efficient and safe pathway.

Speaking of traffic engineers... Haven’t you heard? Yep, you heard right! With the City of Raleigh being ranked as the No. 2 best place to live by US News & World Report, a lot more volume and traffic will increase in this area. Luckily, our Raleigh traffic team has recently added three additional team members to their continuously growing group. Meet the Timmons Group Raleigh Traffic Team!

Jeff Hochanadel, PE, PTOE
Group Leader

Hey! Meet Jeff Hochanadel, he leads the North Carolina Traffic team and has over two decades of experience in traffic engineering experience. When it comes to Jeff, he’s a driven individual that looks to bring the best out of his team. In his free time, Jeff enjoys spending time with his family and when possible, watching his Wolf Pack beat Carolina! 

Fun Fact: When you see Jeff, ask him about the bird that comes by his office every day!






Cliff Lawson, PE, PTOE
Senior Project Manager

If you haven’t met Cliff Lawson, you should! Cliff is a senior project manager with an impeccable background of over a decade of traffic engineering experience. Cliff has always been known as the person who knows how to work hard when necessary and also have a good time with the team. When Cliff has time off, he enjoys spending time with his family and watching sports!

Fun Fact: Did you know Cliff is a die-hard Lakers fan? Pay close attention and you’ll see Cliff repping his Lakers memorabilia just about every Friday!






Chuck Jones, PE
Traffic Engineer

Meet Chuck! Chuck is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but recently he decided to come down south to join our incredible Raleigh office Traffic team. Chuck is an experienced traffic engineer and is a great addition to the team. When it comes to work ethic, you can always count on Chuck to help when needed.

Fun Fact: If you ever have a chance to come by Chuck's office, he often has his boom box playing music while he is working! It’s always a small party in his office! 





Trevor Darnell
Traffic Analyst

Who’s that? It’s Trevor! Trevor is a traffic analyst with a transportation and traffic background. On the team, he is well known to be a proactive member who is always looking for opportunities to improve. Before joining Timmons Group, Trevor decided to pursue traffic engineering after his experience working with the transportation department and driven him to study ways they could be improved.

Fun Fact: Outside of work, Trevor is very passionate about artwork. He has always found the desire to create something out of imagination and finds beauty in drawing, painting, and woodworking.






Joanna McCormack
Traffic Analyst

Who is Joanna McCormack you may ask? Joanna is a driven engineer that discovered her interest in roadway and traffic design after working on a project that involved those studies during a summer internship. Her determination and tenacity propel her to have a prosperous career in the traffic engineering industry.

Fun Fact: Outside of Joanna’s professional career, you’ll find her on the tracks running or working out! Whether it’s reading a book or listening to a podcast you’ll find Joanna enjoying her time with friends and family.






Joe Magnuson
Traffic Analyst

Have you met Joe Magnuson? If not, you should! Joe is a recent graduate from NCSU and is now part of the Raleigh traffic engineering team. Joe found his passion in traffic engineering after doing an internship working with the NCDOT working on traffic and transportation design.

Fun Fact: When he’s not at work, Joe will always find some reason to be outside! He loves the outdoors. Whether hes' fishing, mountain biking, or kayaking, you’ll find him somewhere outdoors.






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