Meet the Team Monday: Timmons Group Welcomes Mark Flahan

Lillian Minix By: Lillian Minix

Mark Flahan, GISP
Senior GIS Project Manager

Timmons Group is pleased to announce the expansion of our GIS Transportation team with the addition of Mark Flahan, Senior GIS Project Manager.

Mark comes to us from Arizona DOT (ADOT) where his previous 9 years of experience in project management, custom app development, database service, Esri full stack service, and GIS mapping will be key assets to his position at Timmons Group.

Mark’s experience at San Diego State University led him to GIS as a career. “I took a few GIS classes and appreciated the field so much that I accepted an internship with the Homeland Security Regional Technology Center in SDSU’s visualization laboratory. From there, I branched out to GIS mapping for local school and park safety. Then, I moved into projects where we mapped a real time wildfire mapping pilot using mobile technology, and a standardized common operational picture (COP) for July 4th,” Mark said. “I had since been with ADOT as their Enterprise GIS Manager, which led to many fulfilling industry experiences. And now I am excited to move forward into my new role at Timmons Group.”

Among Mark’s professional accomplishments are being part of one of the first DOT teams to implement Esri’s Roads and Highways Linear Referencing System in 2014. His team also integrated GIS maps into ADOT’s Business Intelligence Dashboards, Fiber Management, and assisted on ADOT’s cloud migration journey into Amazon Web Services. Mark was awarded the Esri Special Achievement in GIS Award in 2014 and 2009 and is a certified GISP.

With his abundance of technical skills in GIS mapping and professional skills in client support, Mark is an excellent addition to the Timmons Group 502 Transportation Group. Welcome, Mark!