Meet the Staff Monday: Brian Breissinger

Bonnie Dunkel By: Bonnie Dunkel

Happy Earth Day! In honor of the occasion, we sat down with Brian Breissinger, Environmental Services Manager in our Field Operations division to learn more about our Environmental Practice and their dedication providing sustainable solutions to our clients and their projects.

How long have you been with Timmons Group?
I’ve been with Timmons Group for 12 years.

Was this your first job outside of college?
It was my first real job. I spent some time overseas in the Marine Corps and also had a job doing landscaping outside. This started my passion for working in an outdoor setting. When I found Timmons Group, I really enjoyed that my role was the perfect mix of being outdoors and still being able to practice science. I’ve always had an interest for both science and engineering and I get to do both here.

How have your roles changed over the years?
I started as an Environmental Technician and then Environmental Scientist before becoming a Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, and now Environmental Services Manager. It’s very cool to see how the practice has changed over the years and how advancements in technology have changed the way we do our job.

Now that you are in a managerial role, do you miss spending a lot of your days outside?
I’d definitely like to spend more time outside! However, I have really enjoyed some of the new responsibilities that come with my role like interacting more with our clients. I’ve grown from being the one out doing the work and now I’m managing the people doing the work. It’s a very fast paced environment with a variety of projects and many challenges to solve, and I really like that.

What are some of the main services we offer that benefit the environment?
*Laughs* pretty much everything! Services like wetland delineation, stream restoration, pond and lake management, and shoreline stabilization all help to reduce pollutant levels and greatly improve water quality.  We also do a lot of plant and tree identification and work to preserve heritage trees and threatened and endangered species. In recent years, our Renewable Energy practice has grown tremendously, and we are able to utilize GIS technology to identify suitable sites for renewable energy projects.

What is the craziest thing you’ve ever found out in the field?
I’ve seen lots of animal carcasses and have come across both Civil War and Native American artifacts. Once while doing a Threatened and Endangered Species Survey, we successfully identified a colony of Small Whorled Pogonia (a federally threatened and state endangered plant species) and actually had to re-route the design of a project to avoid interfering with the plant.

Your team has a very fun office environment and they really seem to enjoy working together in the field, how do you foster such a fun Group Culture?
Honestly, it just happens organically. When you hire the right people, the culture comes together naturally. It also helps that our people are very passionate about the environment, which makes them enjoy their work even more. A lot of times, our team will go out to dinner together after spending the day out doing field work. They really seem to enjoy spending time together and learning from one another.

What are the biggest challenges of being the first people on a job site?
There’s a lot riding on it! We’re the first people to start working on a project and what we do determines if the project starts on a good or bad note. It’s critical that we have strong QA/QC processes in place so that we don’t miss anything that could throw a project off track. It’s also very important that the environmental elements of a project are incorporated into the design from the start and aren’t an afterthought in the process.

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors outside of work?
Yes! I enjoy pretty much any outdoor activity. I love to hike, camp, wakeboard, snowboard, and fish just to name a few. Our team also likes to do a lot of outdoor activities together like skiing and float trips.

Why do you think it’s important to work toward bettering the environment?
I have two young children and I feel like it’s extremely important to leave our planet in even better shape than it is currently so it can be enjoyed by future generations.