Making West Broad Street Safer for Pedestrians

Danny Lamie, CET, TSOS By: Danny Lamie, CET, TSOS

Question: Why did the white lines cross the road?

Answer: To guide pedestrians a safer route to the other side.

Pedestrian safety improvements were recently completed on W Broad Street located in Henrico County. The $1.9 million safety project included adding crosswalks, audible pedestrian signals, sidewalks and curb ramps at the Forest Avenue, Dickens Road, Home Depot/Marriott entrances, Horsepen Road and Libbie Avenue intersections.

The improvements provide all pedestrians a safer option to cross the street by providing a well-defined route with audible pedestrian signals (APS) and countdown pedestrian signal displays.

Prerecorded voice messages and audible tones provide instructions to pedestrians when the APS button is pushed.

The pedestrian signal displays the WALK time remaining, in seconds, to finish crossing the street before changing to DON’T WALK.

Did you know the standard color for the WALK signal display is called Lunar White and the color for the Hand/Countdown display is called Portland Orange?