Lunch Hour: A Conversation with our Right of Way Team

Leslee Oliver By: Leslee Oliver

From planning and securing easements to land rights needed for projects, it’s safe to say that Timmons Group’s Right of Way team knows a thing or two about providing our clients value. Joe Sckinto, RWA and Joanne Daniel joined Timmons Group last August as our first Right of Way experts on staff. I sat down with them for lunch this week to discover and get to know what it takes to run a successful practice.

Q. I know you both started at Timmons Group in August, but how long have you been working together prior to this?

Joe: Joanne and I have worked together for three years at another civil engineering firm prior to joining Timmons Group. I have over 14 years of project management experience in real property acquisitions. I also worked as a former Deputy Sheriff, which has allowed me the ability to successfully and effectively work with landowners.

Joanne: I have over 27 years of experience in real estate, which has prepared me for this role because of my knowledge in title research, document preparation, reading and understanding project plans, and being able to communicate this to landowners.

Q. As a new service line at Timmons Group, what is one thing about the role that many people don’t know?

Joanne: A big part of our job is dealing with people. We are essentially the middle man between the County/City and the landowners.

Joe: We interact with a lot of different individuals and property types. Every project and situation is different. We understand that sometimes landowners just want to be heard. We make ourselves available to communicate and explain the project with the goal of creating a mutual understanding and agreement that makes both our client and landowner happy. This must be done to move the project forward.

Q. The nation is celebrating Infrastructure Week this week. How does Right of Way play a role in infrastructure projects?

Joe: Before you can build your project, the path must be cleared. Myself and Joanne assist with the right of way estimates, acquisition costs, and other land rights needed for the project. We are the ones who directly interact with landowners either through letters or an in-person visit. We explain the project plans, answer questions, listen to any concerns, and then communicate this back to the client.

Joanne: To add to what Joe said, one thing that I think sets our team apart is our compassion for the landowner. We keep bringing it up because we really believe that listening and asking the right questions helps us reach a mutual understanding faster. This benefits our clients, the landowners, the designer and moves the project forward.

Q. I know you are heading to Goochland right after our lunch for a site visit, what is the day to day schedule like for you both?

Joanne: We are out of the office mostly meeting with clients, landowners, and making site visits. We are heading to the courthouse in Goochland to complete a title update, and take some site photos.

Q. What are some of the goals you’d like to achieve this year?

Joe: Not kill each other (laughing).

Joanne: (Shaking her head) I’ve recently completed the courses and submitted the application for my right of way designation. I am looking forward to receiving that certificate shortly.

Joe: We would also like to increase the number of on call contracts we hold in order to make it easier for our clients to utilize us.

It only took a few minutes into the lunch hour with these two to see how much they truly love what they do. To learn more information about Timmons Group’s Right of Way Services, visit our website.

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