Lunch Break! Retail Development Programs with Lee Ann Gudorp

Leslee Oliver By: Leslee Oliver

I put a new spin on this week’s coffee break by moving it to the lunch time hour to meet with Lee Ann Gudorp from our Private Land Development team. Lee Ann leads Timmons Group’s Women in Design program, was made a Timmons Group shareholder in early 2020, is Membership Director for CREW Richmond, and is the driver behind Timmons Group’s Retail Development Program. She’s the definition of a leader and I was lucky to get to spend some one on one time with her over lunch before she begins the ICSC conference season this Spring.

Q. So, tell me why our lunch location has some significance to you.

Well, this Panera Bread is not just any Panera Bread. It is actually one of my projects! Timmons Group has been working with Panera Bread on their Retail Development Program since 2016 as they continue to expand their locations across the state. This is one of their recently completed sites at Westchester Commons in Chesterfield, VA, but we’ve also worked with them on numerous new locations across Central Virginia, Northern Virginia and the Hampton Roads region.

Q. You mentioned Panera Bread having a Retail Development Program. Can you expand upon that for our readers?

Of course.  Our firm works with national retailers, developers, and contractors through our Retail Development Program to deliver multi-site retail projects. This program is ideal for retailers who are looking to expand their geographic reach through multiple sites because it allows them to work with one teaming partner who can ensure consistency and efficiency with each location. This enables developers and tenants to focus their time on program management instead of tending to the civil design. We’ve worked with numerous retailers through this program like Publix, Target, Lidl, Circle K, AAA Car Care Centers, and Zaxby’s.

Q. How is Timmons Group’s Retail Development Program unique?

Our retail development program guarantees consistency because we establish a program manager for each project site to understand the building prototype and development standards to ensure consistent delivery. Our team created the Retail Development Program Tier System to help clients identify risk and reward during the due diligence phase.

Q. Which of our services specifically have we provided for Panera Bread?

Since our work began with Panera Bread, our full-service firm assisted them by providing ALTA and topographic surveys, Geotechnical investigations, Phase 1 ESA, site investigation reports (SIR’s), concept plans, site/civil and landscape plans, permitting and construction administration services.

Q. There’s been a lot of change with retail over the last few years. What trends are you noticing?

One trend I am noticing is how retailers are putting more emphasis on convenience by diversifying the shopping options for customers. Customers can not only dine in, carry out, or use the drive thru, but they can also order ahead of time through web and mobile applications and pick up either in store or outside of the store. I am seeing this on our Panera Bread projects, but also through our other retailers, like Target. Our teams are seeing more pick up parking spots incorporated into the site plans of our projects for customers who shop ahead of time and only spend a few minutes at the site. Retailers are beginning to build relationships with customers before they even walk into a store through their website or mobile app.

Q. If anyone is interested in learning more about Timmons Group’s Retail Development Program, how can they find out more information?

Anyone interested in learning more can contact me at either or by phone at 804-200-6495.

I also have three ICSC conferences coming up in the next few months that I will be attending. I will be at ICSC Mid-Atlantic, ICSC Carolinas, and ICSC RECon. If anyone is planning to attend these conferences and would like to meet, please get in touch with me through my contact information above.