Leveraging your Asset Management System to Create an iPhone and Android App

Ron Butcher, GISP By: Ron Butcher, GISP

Over the past decade, residents’ communication with their local government has changed greatly. Today the most forward-thinking government agencies are turning to iPhone and Android apps to streamline communications and increase ease of access to information. Unfortunately, many local governments enterprises are now facing the issue of having multiple competing apps instead of one comprehensive solution. This consolidated approach to having one flexible and adaptable app is one of the reasons that so many local governments are turning to CitySourced.

Morro Bay, CA has a plan to improve communication with their residents and businesses through the implementation of a City branded CitySourced iPhone and Android app.  While building a custom app for a local jurisdiction can often be a time consuming and expensive proposition, Morro Bay is leveraging the implementation of their new Cityworks Asset Management System to streamline the process.  Implementing a CitySourced app saves taxpayers thousands of dollars compared to developing a typical custom-coded app, and also provides an easy path to expanding the app’s capabilities with additional modules over time.


Timmons Group is currently implementing a full Asset Management System with Morro Bay, leveraging a dual implementation of CitySourced and Cityworks. The City has a single contact on the Timmons Group team that works with Cityworks and CitySourced to create a smooth implementation of both integrated systems. Our team is providing the expertise to support the mapping of workflows, integration across APIs and assets, and decision making based on the full knowledge of their combined options.

The goals of the combined Cityworks and CitySourced implementation include:
● Reduce dual implementation time by ~3 months
● Improve resident and business communication
● Build proactive 2-way communications with residents and visitors
● Better leverage photos and location device sensors through native apps.
● Use authoritative GIS more specifically
● Housing citizen service requests in the one main app for the City


This single implementation offers a smooth transition into a GIS based asset management ecosystem that includes resident data. Rather than implementing Cityworks and then layering on citizen data after the fact, Morro Bay and Timmons Group are designing a cohesive system that allows work to flow from the residents (end-users of the mobile app) directly to City staff (those within the back-office or field workers).