INTRODUCING: Our Richmond Landscape Architecture Team

Leslee Oliver By: Leslee Oliver

With April being World Landscape Architecture Month, we wanted to take this exciting time to connect with the industry around the globe and celebrate the profession. Our landscape architects are a lively, unique addition to our firm that bring a combination of creativity and functionality to every project they touch. As we use this month to introduce the profession to the public, we also wanted to take the time to introduce you to the faces that help shape and connect our communities.

Say hello to our Richmond team…

Meet Scott Wiley.
Most of you may already know Scott, our fearless group leader, but what you may not know is that he can claim one of Virginia Tech’s only National Championship titles…in bass fishing! That’s right. Scott is an avid fisherman and was part of the bass fishing team in college. He doesn’t find as much time these days to fish in between keeping up with two (young) children but tries to enjoy any activity outdoors that he can. When asked what his favorite part about working at Timmons Group is, he says it’s the people and the culture and that they are truly unique in the industry.

Say hello to Neal Beasley.
Even when Neal steps away from the office, he’s still got yardwork at the top of his hobbies list. Neal considers his yard an arboretum and science experiment. He is often spending his free time collecting plants and then neglecting them to see how they respond in order to better his design skills. How cool is that? When he’s not working within his yard, you can find him grilling out with family, seeing cultural performances, seeing fireworks shows and watching other people play sports because he says he is beyond participating.  When asked what excites him, Neal says it’s making a difference in the lives of others and seeing their enjoyment in the product he gets to take part in creating.

Meet Eliza Machek.
Eliza says her favorite part about Timmons Group is the wide variety of project types, scales and teams she gets to work on. She says this variety challenges her creativity and keeps her on her toes. Eliza has been with the firm for over 9 years. What inspired her to become a landscape architect was her grandfather. He owned and operated a greenhouse and florist for over 50 years on Long Island. That’s how she was able to learn so much about plants and started her appreciation for the outdoors.

Say hi to Shawn Balon.
Would you believe that our newest team member, Shawn, used to be on a competitive dragon boat team when he lived in Miami AND even got to compete on a team when he temporarily lived in Beijing? He doesn’t race anymore and wanted to make it clear that if he were to attempt this competitively today, he wouldn’t make it 500 meters. When asked what brings Shawn excitement (besides Clemson football), he responded with, “good design whether that’s through landscape architecture, graphic design, or even User experience design.”

Meet Trevor Buckley.
Trevor appreciates silence, which may surprise you because of his outgoing personality. He has been on two week-long silent retreats for mindfulness and meditation, which have been powerful, transformative experiences. He also enjoys cooking, taking long walks and hikes, going on adventures and traveling. What brings him excitement is how the field of landscape architecture combines practical application of research, analysis, and design with environmental and social dimensions to people’s everyday experience in the landscape.

Say hello to Bradley Davis.
Helping others is some of what brings Bradley excitement and energy, which is obvious when you meet him. His favorite part of working at Timmons Group is the diverse group of disciplines and skill sets under one roof. When asked what is one thing that would surprise us to know about him, he says that he has run into Bill Nye the Science Guy twice in his life…in Lowes. I may have to do a full blog post on this story alone.

Meet MaryKate Weaver.
MaryKate loves to garden and says she spends a few minutes each morning checking on her plants. She’s passionate about supporting local agriculture and even helped start a food co-op in college to connect local farmers with students and faculty. MaryKate’s middle name is Olsen. This is completely normal unless you were born 6 months before the Olson Twins.


Say hello to Julie Murphy.
Julie is the newest member of our landscape architecture team! When asked what she enjoys most about Timmons Group so far, she mentioned the diverse project types our teams get to work on and the opportunity it will present for growth as a landscape architect. She loves exploring nature through hiking, biking or kayaking, but also enjoys trying new hobbies so that she’s always learning something new. One thing about Julie that may surprise you is that she’s been to London more times than any other major City in the U.S. because her sister lived there for eight years.

Meet Taylor Parker.
What is one thing surprising to know about Taylor? Her dad named her after TaylorMade golf clubs because when she was born her dad had just gotten a new set and it was on his mind. However, she didn’t list golf as one of her hobbies. Instead, Taylor enjoys hiking, going to the beach, spending time with friends, trying new restaurants and going to work out classes. She also finds excitement by traveling to new places, exploring the world and engaging in new experiences.

And, finally, say hi to Chris Gregory.
Chris’s favorite part about Timmons Group is the fact that our firm has most services in house, which makes it easier to get in front of teams and collaborate. Chris is from California, so it didn’t surprise me to hear that hiking, mountain biking and snow boarding were some of his favorite hobbies. He also knows many languages and says his Arabic is better than his Japanese, that his Spanish is better than his Arabic, and his French is better than his Spanish.