INTRODUCING: Our Raleigh Landscape Architecture Team

Kayla Baldino By: Kayla Baldino

In celebration of World Landscape Architecture Month and on the heels of Earth Day, we want to let you know what our Raleigh landscape architecture team has been up to.  By creating meaningful spaces, making connections, incorporating sustainable solutions, preserving natural and cultural resources and increasing access to nature they are contributing to a healthier North Carolina and planet.

What we're working on:

Brian Starkey, PLA, ASLA / Landscape Architect
Brian is currently leading the preparation of a master plan for Mayo River State Park.  The master plan will guide future park improvements focusing on river access, overnight accommodations and park infrastructure.  The master plan’s recommendations will recognize the history of the river corridor and protect naturally significant habitat.  Brian and the project team are currently initiating various methodologies to engage the community and stakeholders during the process and the pandemic. In his leisure time, Brian enjoys sketching the world around him and draws inspiration from nature and history.

Eric Wolfe, PLA, ASLA / Landscape Architect
Recently, Eric has led the design of a variety of projects.  These include outdoor amenity spaces in conjunction with the reinvention of a historic RJ Reynolds building to residential use and the design of a plaza for a dormitory on the NC School of the Arts campus.  He is also preparing the master plan for a business park in Holly Springs and detailed landscape plans for Montfort Hall, a grand and historic 1890 residence being converted into a boutique hotel.  Eric has a creative vision for the big picture and a discerning eye for detail.  He enjoys creative and hands-on hobbies, including gardening, stone masonry, woodworking and most recently woodcarving by the request of one of his daughters.


Mayo River State Park

Michael Alderman, ASLA / Project Designer 
Michael has been busy creating a children’s play and natural learning environment. The playground, designed for an elementary school in Chapel Hill, is nearing completion.  Michael has been overseeing construction of this play environment that features a range of play opportunities, from traditional platform structures to net climbers, natural play elements and slides. He has also been coordinating site design for the new Engineering Building at Johnston Community College, which incorporates sustainable storm water management as the focal point of the outdoor space.  The building’s entry plaza provides gathering spaces orchestrated around a central rain garden that treats runoff from the building and surrounding impervious surfaces. Michael enjoys the creative design process and collaboration. When away from his desk, Michael plays Australian football for the North Carolina Tigers, and participated in the USAFL Nationals in Sarasota, Florida last year.

Jon Blasco, PLA, ASLA / Landscape Architect 
Jon just finished overseeing the implementation of landscape mitigation plans along a 11-mile segment of the I 40 highway corridor, including 7 interchanges.  He is currently working on similar plans for the I-74 Bypass in Asheboro including the design of a new entrance landscape for the NC Zoological Park.  Both projects feature native plant materials and pollinators.  Jon also led the design and participated in the construction management of Wake County’s new recycling and solid waste facilities in Apex which were completed in December.  He is now preparing concepts for a similar complex in combination with a new Public Works facility for the Town of Morrisville. Jon is focused on the incorporation of sustainable solutions. Outside of work, Jon is an avid runner and captaining a 6-person team for a 72-mile relay race between Asheville, NC and Greenville, SC. When he’s not running, he enjoys coaching his daughter’s soccer team and brewing beer.

Frank Porter Graham Elementary School Playground

Meggan Masters, ASLA / Project Designer
Meggan has been preparing plans to improve three parks for the Town of Cary as well as plans for several commercial development projects.  The park projects will increase recreational opportunities by adding and/ or replacing tennis and pickleball courts as well as addressing accessibility issues.  The commercial projects are focused on planting design and complying with permit requirements. Common to these projects are code design issues that encompass tree preservation, landscape compliance and lighting design.  Meggan excels in identifying development parameters, deciphering and meeting code requirements. A fun fact about Meggan is that she loves Wegmans – a grocery store from her hometown.


Stephanie Davis, ASLA / Project Designer
Stephanie has been contributing to the design of several park projects for the City of Raleigh by creating play environments, improving park facilities, creating trails and connecting parks to surrounding neighborhoods.   The plans for Barwell Road Park will include an obstacle course sponsored by a large charitable donor.  Another project is focused on improving pedestrian accessibility and connections between existing parks, surrounding neighborhoods and the greenway system.  Stephanie is a thoughtful designer and brings a light touch to her work. Stephanie enjoys playing traditional and contemporary music on her Appalachian dulcimers. She has an eclectic list of interests including hiking, camping, traveling, geology, genealogy, art, music, and more.

I-40 Fortify Landscape Mitigation