INTRODUCING: Our Raleigh Landscape Architecture Team

Kayla Baldino By: Kayla Baldino

2018 brought new spaces and faces to our Raleigh office. For four of our LA team members, this is their first year celebrating World Landscape Architecture Month as a part of Timmons Group. By now, you may know this team as the left-brained creatives responsible for parks, playgrounds and plazas, but we wanted to take the opportunity to properly introduce this neat bunch.

Say “Hallo” to Brian Starkey.
Brian is the leader of this group and even affectionately refers to them as “The 334,” which is their number within the firm. In the eight months since his firm’s merger with Timmons Group, Brian has enjoyed working on the diverse types of projects here and often pulls inspiration from his world travels. Brian lived and worked in Amsterdam, Holland for three years and most recently spent three weeks exploring Spain last year. When asked what excites him about his work, he said it’s the satisfaction that comes from seeing people enjoy the spaces that his team creates.

Meet Lauren Dickson.
Though she may be small in stature, Lauren is tough on landscape design problems and even took boxing lessons while in college. She now handles construction administration and public projects like a champ, but above all, she enjoys creating spaces that improve communities and the environment. When she is not at work, Lauren is a mom to a sweet toddler and has an extensive list of creative hobbies to keep her design skills sharp: jewelry-making, metal crafting, gardening, and quilting, just to name a few.

Say hello to Eric Wolfe.
Eric is a designer, site planner, and… master of French literature! Fun fact: he holds two masters’ degrees— one in Landscape Architecture (of course!) and a second in French Literature. Like his team members, Eric enjoys creative and hands-on hobbies, including gardening, stone masonry, woodworking and most recently woodcarving by the request of one of his daughters. He feels lucky to be involved in what he says are the most interesting projects and enjoys the camaraderie of his many friends at Timmons Group.

Meet Michael Alderman.
Something that our Landscape Architects have in common is the love for creative problem solving—and Michael is no exception. Being with Timmons Group has given him the opportunity to work on projects of all shapes and sizes, from a large-scale master plan to the detailed design of a park entry sign. Something you may not know about Michael is that he is from Australia, and while he does have the cool accent, you won’t catch him enjoying vegemite, a very popular Australian food.

Meet Sadie Walters.
Sadie is our resident natural playground expert and brings her work home with her in the best way: she has created an ever-evolving natural play area in her yard for her two young children. Although parks and outdoor learning environments brought her to landscape architecture, the diversity of Timmons Group’s projects has allowed for Sadie to become skilled at residential and commercial projects, and she is grateful to be improving her understanding of the processes behind the built environment.

Say hey to Jon Blasco.
Jon wears a variety of hats, depending on the situation. We at Timmons Group know him as Jon Blasco, PLA, but he is also a soccer coach to his daughter’s team, a design-build studio teacher at NCSU (his alma mater!), a pilot since earning his license for college credit, and a brewer of his own beer at home. Since moving into the Raleigh office, Jon has enjoyed working with people from a range of backgrounds and having a wealth of knowledge right down the hall.