How Timmons Group Completed 1500-acres of Streams and Wetlands Assessments in Two Days

Anna Reusche By: Anna Reusche

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is 1500-acres in just 2 days. Our North Carolina Environmental Team completed the task with great success.

The Butner Armory and National Guard Training Facility is located in Butner, Granville County, North Carolina. Timmons Group is working closely with the base staff and project team to develop an overall Master Plan for the facility.

As part of the development of the Master Plan, Timmons Group’s environmental staff performed a Preliminary Assessment of all streams and wetlands on the property. The findings of the Preliminary Assessment have been used in the development of the Master Plan to identify environmentally sensitive areas (i.e wetlands and streams) and avoid or minimize impacts to these features.

Following the review of detailed environmental mapping, qualified wetland biologists traversed the site and surveyed the approximate location and extents of wetlands and streams on the property using sub-meter GPS equipment. The highly trained and experienced environmental and GIS staff at Timmons Group were able to work together to complete the 1500-acre site in just two (2) days. This quick turnaround enabled the project team to have access to detailed information regarding the location and extents of potential environmental constraints very early in the planning process.