How AAA Used a Structured Approach to Expand its Retail Program

Lee Ann Gudorp By: Lee Ann Gudorp

There are numerous articles about bankrupt retailers like Toys “R” Us and Nine West that are closing and laying off employees. But this story is about the opposite. It’s what we’re seeing through our Retail Development Programs: retailers that are opening and expanding. We’re standing alongside retailers, developers and design-build contractors that are adapting to the worldwide changes of e-commerce and the buying habits of consumers. They are opening multi-sites, diversifying their services, and understanding how in store and face to face interaction still brings value to the consumer.

One example of this is AAA, North America's largest motoring and leisure travel organization. AAA provides its members a full range of travel, insurance, financial and automotive-related services through a network of 1,100 offices, as well as its full-service website. AAA’s brand was associated with roadside assistance, but in order to grow their 100-year-old company and attract millennials, they expanded their business model to include insurance, travel and car care. Through this growth meant opening more brick and mortar stores.

Timmons Group was able to use the fundamentals of our Retail Development Programs Tier System to walk alongside AAA and Progressive AE during their expansion in Richmond, NOVA, and Maryland. Our structured program kept the team on track with their new business goals by identifying reward and risk through the site selection process, due diligence, and the zoning/entitlement phase. As the site plans advanced, AAA could focus their time on program management instead of tending to the civil design.

The AAA brand is a well-respected brand. Working with them and watching their commitment to their business legacy makes a great story to tell. They had a clearly defined vision of navigating through our changing, technology influenced world, and we helped them get there.

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