Hit the road, Jack! Check out where Timmons Group went this summer!

Lillian Minix By: Lillian Minix

Everyone at Timmons Group knows that one of our favorite things to do is host a friendly photo competition. Since things were (more or less) a bit back to normal this summer, our HR superstars hosted a Traveling with TG photo contest and the submissions did not let us down.

We love team spirit. And you have to admit that it’s pretty cool to see your company’s team travel all over the world repping your brand on a new adventure. These were some of our fave submissions.

Without further ado, we give you the 2021 Class of #LifeAtTG Travelers!

Anna Dale (AKA “Winner of the Photo Contest” / AKA “Winner of Most Terrifying Photo”) is a PE III in our Charlotte land development group. Anna’s skydiving adventures are not for the faint of heart, and we commend her for taking us on such an epic adventure! Awesome pic, Anna!


Brian Welch is a project manager in our Raleigh transportation design group. While he’s normally spotted taking a run in his neighborhood or on a local trail, Brian took his legs to the infamous Brooklyn Bridge in New York this summer. Run, Bryan, Run!


Even in his off time as a PE I in our Richmond Boulders energy & renewables group, Bryce Butler is busy making the world a better (and more clean energy efficient) place! He was captured installing new water pipes in the Dominican Republic that will help a local community have access to clean water.


Dalton Gormus, a recruiter on our Richmond Boulders administration team, hit the trail for a unique hiking experience at Chimney Rock in Asheville, North Carolina. We’ve heard she likes the woods so much that, if she could, she’d recruit from the trail full time!


Our own Ivan Wu, Principal and group leader for our Richmond Boulders residential practice, has a knack for going the extra mile. He took our competition a little *too seriously* and ended up in Grand Teton National Park. Looking good, Ivan!


Business development manager by day, Belize tourist by… also day? Regardless of the time, when she’s not getting to know you at an A/E/C networking event, Jen Weaver takes her traveling duties seriously! Jen took us to Ambergris Caye, Belize with her this summer!


You can’t go wrong with a traditional Disney getaway, so that’s exactly what Kaitlin Jenkins, a PE I in our Richmond Boulders transportation design group, did this year. The Mickey ears pair very well with the Timmons Group tank, Kaitlin!


Kate Hefner, a tech in our North Carolina environmental group, did not disappoint with the theme of ‘go big or go home’. Kate traveled to one of the largest land bound anomalies in the world this summer: The Grand Canyon. *Don’t push her* cause she’s close to the edge!


She went chasing waterfalls! Katie Bradley, a project manager in our Charlotte land development group, paid her own kind of homage to TLC’s famous lyrics when she visited Yellowstone and Grand Tetons this summer. That’s one heck of a view, Katie!



As a senior project manager in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, Kim Hamby is well acquainted with the chilly Atlantic waters. Kim decided to try out some warmer water at Del Mar Beach while visiting her granddaughter Aurora in Oceanside, California this May!

And finally, Maya McCann, a PE I in our Richmond education design practice, took to the hills for a hike up to the infamous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles. You know what they say… Aim high and you’ll end up among the stars!