Hard Work is the Admission to the Opportunity of Success

Brittany Harlow By: Brittany Harlow

In preparation for Super Bowl LIV on February 2nd, I got to talking with Matt McCracken. Matt may be in Timmons Group’s “Hall of Fame” for all things technology related to transportation, but did you know he was recently inducted into University of Richmond’s Athletics Hall of Fame as an offensive lineman?

Matt began his collegiate football career at the University of Richmond in 2005.  During his career he was a part of 3 conference championship teams, 1 national championship team, and he earned All-America honors in 2007, 2008, and 2009.  Luckily for us, he began interning for Timmons Group while still training for his NFL pro-day. Unfortunately, Matt’s NFL prospects were limited by his third shoulder surgery in 2009, two years after his final game.  Matt decided to go “pro” in GIS instead of football and accepted a full-time position in our Geospatial Group.

I sat down with Matt to find out more about how his football career in college has impacted his career ever since he stepped off the football field and into the technology field. He told me, “being inducted into the Hall of Fame was an absolute honor and privilege. It was such a special experience to get the individual recognition to be inducted as an offensive lineman even though I never scored a touchdown!” He has always been a football fan (especially a Steeler’s fan), even one of his son’s name is Brady (I’ll let you guess where that name comes from). Today, football is always in the back of his mind and it has molded him into the leader he is today at Timmons Group.

Being on a collegiate football team taught him how to receive constant feedback on improvement, how to become a lifetime learner, and how to set and strive to achieve his goals. In football, every game, practice, and play is videotaped and critiqued to improve the coordination of the team and the technique of the players. In business that is tremendously important, as well as constant improvement that drives teamwork and overall success for project delivery and client success. Matt believes that setting goals is extremely important, so goal setting is one of the major takeaways he uses from football in his GIS career today. He told me, “it can’t be a goal if you’re scared to talk about it.  Goals need to be set and monitored regularly.” Football also taught him about teamwork and working with different types of people, which has transcended into his current professional life with coworkers and clients.



The biggest learning opportunity Matt got from his football career that he carries with him to this day is that you need hard work to have the opportunity to become successful.  Whether it is in the weight room, classroom, or office, hard work and dedication drive individuals to succeed. Matt always puts in hard work, whether it is for football or for his professional career because it is, as he put it, “the price you pay to play.” Hard work, goal setting, and teamwork have gotten him to where he is today as a professional and a University of Richmond Athletics Hall of Fame inductee.